Watch this episode and more at http://www.wildtv.caHost Scott Turnage ventures to the big waters on Lake Erie in search of smallmouth.5158
Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass
Creek Fishing For SmallMouth Bass
Sight Fishing Smallmouth Bass.
Nothing beats fishing on a hot summer day. So hit the Susquehanna in South East PA with Joe Cermele, Anthony Licata and guide Eric Kerber for some dog-day bass action. Watch as they use a variety of lures to hook up with smallmouth and other fish.
Once you’ve located smallies, you’ll have to get them to bite. Here’s how to trigger a strike.
Fishing with Rod: Smallmouth Bass Fishing
River Fishing #03- smallmouth bass fishing with gulp goby
Jigging for Smallmouth Bass – Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Small creek fishing for monster smallmouth bass is great way to spend a summer day. In this fishing vlog we land a nice hog of a smallmouth bass in a small creek just off the Great Miami river. Fishing in small creeks and rivers is something we love to do in the summer, light gear and big bass equal a great time for sure. From jigging small craws to swimming jigs, in the creeks and river smallmouth bass can not help but smack your bait. When fishing in a small creek we like to use light line and small baits [More]
kayak bass fishing – Smallmouth bass – Tims Ford Lake TN
You can’t catch and release bedded smallies if you can’t find their beds. Here’s what to look for.
summer “drop shot” for Smallmouth Bass – (Bass Fishing) “Smallmouth bass” drop shot
Wired2Fish’s Kyle Peterson has dedicated countless hours filming and fishing for smallmouth bass in open water and has taken that passion to the ice. He shares some of his top tips for consistently catching smallmouth through the ice, with particular emphasis on location, the power of sound and his top bait for getting bit. He shares some deep insight into fish behavior, most notably, their innate curiosity and how to use this to your advantage to draw fish to your location. Converting bites can be tricky; some days they’re willing participants, others, you’re forced to downsize to small micro jigs [More]
Sight fishing MI bass in 6 to 12 of ultra clear water. Wed fan cast over dark mats of weeds looking for ive smallmouths. Both swimming grubs, and red eye shad took fish. Water temps were in the upper 50s. Some real nice smallies! \r\r****************************************************************************\r\rFacebook: \rInstagram: \rGoogle+: \r\r****************************************************************************\r\rRelated Videos:\r\rJig Fishing Steelhead: \rDuck Hunting Big Water Divers: \rSteelhead Highlights new: \rPheasant Hunting new: \rArchery Deer Hunting:
Killer smallmouth bass fishing ion on an extremely clear body of water in northern Michigan. Tubes, grubs, wacky rigs, and drop shots all took fish. Many were caught around rock, and a few around docks/hoists in 6-10 feet of water. \r\rSome fish we spotted before catching, and a few we caught by casting blindly.\r\rIn the interest of keeping the video short, only some of the better fish were highlighted here. We landed many more. \r\rEnjoy the show!\r\r*******************************************************\rFacebook: \rInstagram: \rGoogle+: \r\r*******************************************************\rMore From TCS:\r\rGiant Walleyes: \rBowhunting Whitetails: \rWinter Steelhead: \rDiver Duck Hunting: \rRuffed Grouse Hunting: \rRiver Chinooks: \rPheasant Hunting:
Any kind of bass fishing is fun but throwing deep diving cranks for smallmouth bass is awesome. Never thought I would have been throwing it that shallow but hey it was working so no need to stop. Make sure to hit that THUMBS UP for me if you enjoyed the video!\r\rJonB – \r\rBens Chanel – \r\r►Send Mail Here- LunkersTV P.O. Box 151452 Arlington, Texas 76015\r\r► Buy LunkersTV Gear Here → \r\r► Buy LunkersTV Stickers Here → \r\r – – – – My Go To Senko Colors- – – -\r\r► Click Here To See → \r\r► Click Here To See → [More]