early april, cold water – 3 aggressive blowups on Boze Sumo Frog = 3 nice fish on the deck! Notice use of wrong gear for topwater frog fishing and how you can get away with it in open water situations.
more discussion about differences between Boze Sumo Frog and other hollow frog lures – UPDATE: it seems that newer versions of Boze Sumo Frog are not made with the same quality as they were 15 yrs ago. Some of the newer ones I bought and tested, took on water and sank right out of the package – not recommended. if you must fish a hollow frog i recommend strongly Snagproof or Scumfrogs because both are made in America by American workers – support American made. In a soft plastic frog, hands down the best out there is the Z-MAN Hard [More]
Boze Sumo Frog was my go-to more than 10 years before Death Dealer Bart came about – made in China but a good balance of durable and good hookup ratios.