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I have always wondered if survival fishing hooks work?Today we find out! Follow me on instagram @brendansfabulousworldfishing
Due to the fact some douchers ruined our Ant Farm server. I started up another Survival with DrChiz and PredictableNova. To be honest. So far this has been alot more eventful and funner than Ant Farm. I hope you guys enjoy this! Check out Chiz and Novas channels below. Thanks for Watching!!! DrChiz Channel: PredictableNovas Channel: Download this map here (4 Pillar): My texture pack download (SphaxBDCraft):×10-to-125-sphax-purebdcraft-240312/
I hope you guys enjoy this. Alot of you have requested I play Minecraft and I was bored with the open world aspect. This seemed challenging and I thought I would try this. I realize I am horrible but Im slowly learning. Thanks for Watching!!! Link to the AWESOME person that made my new thumbnail!!!