British fisherman are calling for a change in EU quotas which force them to toss away thousands of tonnes of perfectly good high value sea bass. Skippers say growing numbers of the fish are being ‘accidentally’ caught as part of their haul of mackerel, herring and other varieties. But EU rules designed to protect sea bass from over-fishing state that any accounting for more than three per cent of a total catch must be thrown back.
Video of our bass fishing trip to Gran Canaria in February 2015 Bass are our best friends. Strictly catch and release. Lure fishing only.
With 3hrs to kill, Zspook and bassinRN hit a small upper Cape Pond in the middle of March.
This video is about fly fishing for barra … klik HD for better resolution!
Location: Scioto River, OH Date: 10/11/14 Time Fished: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Air Temp: 65 degrees Water Temp: 62 degrees Conditions: Mostly Cloudy and Calm Lures…
NO FISH but I got tons of bites. Had a good time on the water even if I did not catch anything.
NO fish today but it was fun getting out there and fishing. Hope you did not laugh too hard.
Willow Pond Catfishing Link to Part 1:
Way slow fishing but i did catch one Channel Cat.
FishingWithAdam – Spring Trout Fishing Trip – Vivian Park Pond PROMOCODE: DEEM Just a quick fishing trip up to Vivian Park Pond just days af…
Jorge, Jason, Brian and I are fishing Weir Pond and getting into some good brown and rainbow action. Winds were not too bad for the most part, but the water … got exclusive access to the Pasir Ris Pond by D’Best Fishing to fish, watch and find out more. Don’t miss the Free Fishing event happening on…
June 16-17, 2014 fishing trip to Russell Pond in search of native brook trout.
Not a bad day caught a few Bluegils and one Larg mouth Bass.
Caught a Trout and the Cats were biteing.
Very good fishing this afternoon. All Cats were caught on the Team Catfish Sudden Impact but the last thre were off of worm. Mic did a good job it did not pi…