Australian Fishing celebrity Mark Berg show you how to catch plenty of fish using the new “Slam Baits With Ultrabite”. For more free videos
Yes there are lots of soft plastic lures on the market and perhaps your thinking that this is just another one. It really isn’t. Slams are a bait that fish will actually eat. Just watch this video and you will see what I mean. It’s proven that fish pheromones actually trigger fish to feed and thats what makes these SLAMS so good. Give them a go and see for yourself. See you on the water Mark Berg. For more stories about Slam Baits and other Rapala Fishing gear visit my website
Learn how to dominate with the new Slam baits with ultrabite, watch how these awesome soft plastic baits just attract fish like crazy. See fishing legend Mark Berg as he catches a huge tuna on the coral sea. more videos
Watch Mark Berg as he catches flathead after flathead with the new Stimulate Slam Bait with Ultrabite – the ultimate in soft plastic fishing lures. For more info visit: or