If you’re targeting bass on docks and struggling to get bit on a jig, stick bait or even banging posts with a crankbait, it’s time to tie on an underspin jig and swimbait combo. FEATURED PRODUCT: -Fish Head Spin Underspin: https://goo.gl/gVKtuw -Netbait Spanky Swimbait: https://goo.gl/wCUxDD -Zoom Salty Super Fluke: https://goo.gl/4qo8LN This finesse horizontal presentation does an excellent job mimicking forage like shad and herring while having the drawing power of a spinnerbait and swimbait combined. MLF pro Greg Vinson discusses the importance of casting angles with underspins. Long casts made parallel to docks while focusing on the shady side are [More]
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