Jerry 5pcs color willow spoon 4cm 3.8g salmon trout pike bass fishing bait metal lure
NO FISH but I got tons of bites. Had a good time on the water even if I did not catch anything.
NO fish today but it was fun getting out there and fishing. Hope you did not laugh too hard.
Willow Pond Catfishing Link to Part 1:
Way slow fishing but i did catch one Channel Cat.
Not a bad day caught a few Bluegils and one Larg mouth Bass.
Caught a Trout and the Cats were biteing.
Very good fishing this afternoon. All Cats were caught on the Team Catfish Sudden Impact but the last thre were off of worm. Mic did a good job it did not pi…
caught 2 nice Channel Cats. Rain made us leave 🙁
No fish so far on our first trip out to the water. We spent 1 1/2 hour at the Canal and 2 1/2 hours at the willow pond. No fish no bites but we all had fun. …