The HerculeZ from Z-Man has plenty of wiggle and can be fished at a variety of speeds.
These soft plastic bits feature enhanced action, Mustad hooks, and super durable ElaZtech body for long dependable service.
puddle jumping Aug 2012, throwing modified and repaired Ish’s Phat frog and modified Z-MAN Hardleg Frogz – some nice fish.
fine tuning my tweaks on the Z-MAN Hard Leg Frogz
look thru the playlist for more tweaking and fishing footage using Z-Man Hard Leg Frogz and Ultra Mouse
got several decent fish on Z-MAN Ultra Mouse
another Z-MAN topwater baits order – check it out
giant bass for my area, smashes the Z-MAN frog
Check out the features of the Z-Man Pop Shadz topwater soft bait.
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