Weding Guide To Shopping For Pocket Watches For Best Man Gif

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Pocket watches were first referred to in historic documentation dating back the fifteenth century, with a larger version that was worn round the neck. An early reference was from an Italian clockmaker in the fourteen hundreds.

The Duke of Moderna was believed to have owned one of the first pocket watches. At this stage the pocket watch would have only had an hour hand. As they were developed by craftsmen of the day new designs were created as time went on.

By the 16th century pocket watches were popular with the affluent men of society, and they were typically manufactured from steel.

Fast forward to the eighteenth and beyond, pocket watches were used across many sectors of society and throughout the western world. They were no longer soley worn by the affluent gentlemen of the day.

Most manufacturers were German, Italian and English, and they produced spring loaded designs, in precious metals such as gold, silver and brass.

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