Year 2 – Releasing fish into our pond at Hidden Hollows

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UPDATE: Year 2 fish are getting bigger!

The catfish and bass have survived so far, despite visits by a very large snapping turtle, river otter, blue heron and green heron. For recent proof, check this 4th of July video “4th of July Lightning Storm at Hidden Hollows – Feeding Fish in our Pond” at times 1:40 and at 2:10 to see catfish surfacing for food pellets. The following weekend, I caught one of the catfish, which was at least double the size since release. On August 18, I caught three small bluegill and a hand-length bass. – rw


Randy and Diane Wingett, along with other local pond owners, picked up their order of fish from the Fish Wagon delivery truck at Southern States in Romney, West Virginia, and then released the fish into their small fishing pond at Hidden Hollows.

This is the second year that we have stocked our pond (see first video Last summer and early fall, we enjoyed catching and releasing our bass and bluegill fish, and then late fall, the fishing activity slowed down gradually coming to a halt around the first freeze. When night crawlers were again available at the local Gun and Pawn shop early this year, we tried fishing again and after a considerably long time with no bites, Randy caught just one bluegill, which sadly had swallowed the entire worm and barbless hook. The bluegill did not survive the difficult extraction of the hook. Since then, we have not seen or caught any of these fish. So, we decided to try stocking the pond again, this time with a small order of 2 catfish, 5 very small bass and a pound of rosy red minnows. Three weeks have since passed and we have only seen the minnows. So, what is happening to our fish?